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Over the past three decades, I’ve built a track record of successfully working at the intersection of business and society, leveraging my breadth of experience across sectors, industries and markets to help clients capitalize on opportunities and solve problems in ways that simultaneously deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.


From my early days as a consultant in Singapore, Moscow and London, to my later years as a senior executive at Unilever and Kraft Foods, I’ve helped companies, NGOs, multilateral organizations and governments work through the early days of CSR to the rise of B-corps to the mandate for all brands to embody a social as well as functional mission.  


My direct experience includes revamping and running corporate foundations; developing public-private partnerships; defining and driving brand social innovation; leading public education efforts for both the US and foreign governments; marketing one of the world’s leading social impact measurement firms; and advising leaders from all sectors on how to create and lead purpose-driven organizations. More specifically, I’ve led transformational projects, from supporting the world's largest privatization and economic reform effort, to launching the new $100 bill for the US Treasury, to developing the World Economic Forum’s New (sustainable) Vision for Agriculture.


It's been an amazing journey… full of personal meaning, societal impact and financial reward... but there’s so much more to be done!

If you or your organization is on a similar journey, I would love to see if there are ways we can work together. Contact me here.

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